Team Comedy by Cotton serves food to those in need monthly and donates a portion of annual proceeds to non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting the homeless in Boston. Contributions have also been made to local organizations invested in our communities such as Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition, Dorchester PD Youth Fundraiser and Roslindale Village Main Street and Heading Home Inc.


The annual Javonee Cotton Scholarship for Comedic Excellence was founded in memory of comedian Reece Cotton's younger brother. 2018 Honorees received their scholarship through the Women In Comedy Festival.



The biennial Stand-up & New Media Mentorship Program was founded in the spirit of dedicating time and resources towards helping new aspiring comedians get started on their comedy journey. A former student who successfully completed the inaugural program recently reported making as much as one-hundred dollars per show.


Need a comedian or host for your event? Click here to submit a request for Cotton to perform at your upcoming comedy show, wedding, major event, office party, cruise ship or concert.


Comedy by Cotton™ is a rising leader in successfully delivering unique & outstanding live entertainment such as Comics Rising and Studs of Comedy. Productions are developed throughout the city of Boston and beyond. Click here to hire Team Cotton to produce your next event.


Whether your new to comedy or been at it a while and could use a modern-day perspective, a fun and and engaging seminar for rising artists is always a great. We may make it look easy but this business can be hard to navigate and make the strides you deserve. So if you need a boost, take time for yourself to be encouraged and inspired. Click here to sign-up for an introspective and enlightening seminar for a party of four or more.

These sessions are geared towards artists on the rise who may need a website or start creating engaging content but doesn't know where to start. If this sounds like you, click here to submit a request to learn how to make the most of free websites, free apps that are on the market today.




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*In celebration of the holiday season, introductory consultation rates start at $38.00 per hour until December 31, 2019. Upon inquiry confirmation, a full rate schedule will be provided via email. However, if applicable, you may volunteer as a production assistant to cover your consultation fee (experience required).


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