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Blog Entry 1 (2/28/2019)

It’s a weird place that I’m in when it comes to my comedy career. A new comedian told me that she couldn’t wait to get to where I am. My reaction was “Huh?... What? Nope, nah, strive for better lol“ But she just smiled harder and was like “Yes I do! You are amazing and you” but before she could finish, I was like “Thanks so much” and immediately changed the subject.

It’s a weird pocket to be in right now because all I can think about is how I’m going to outdo myself while the opportunities are there. The pressure is heavier than ever and my health is worse than ever.

Making moves is a blessing and a curse, especially if you stay local. You have those who love you for how hard you work and your accomplishments. Then you have those who once supported you and asked you to perform at their shows, but hate you now because they feel you “surpassed” them in some way.

I’ve been getting it from all angles since TV. It’s ongoing and it’s frustrating because I’m still grinding like everyone else. I still have a regular job to pay my bills like most. Nevertheless, I get fckshit from salty ass comics who I once considered friends. Who wants this?

But I’m not going to explain all this to a new comedian when they meet me because I remember what it felt like to meet someone who had done festivals and been on TV when I started. I’m just going to be appreciative and humbled by their admiration, stay focused and keep working hard. Pray for my haters and keep moving forward in a positive and progressive direction.

Blog Entry 2 (3/11/2019)

Real talk, sometimes it’s when you stop giving a f*ck that sh*t pops off. Certain people didn’t check for me until I was less available. I came to this conclusion in either 2017 or 2018, because sometimes my health would get so bad, I had to a step back. People probably thought I was on tour or some sh*t, when actually I was just recovering.

When people didn’t know why I wasn’t hanging out at their clubs or shows anymore they’d reach out verbally or via text and ask me to send in a formal email request with my avails. 

Hell, when I started taking a break from producing shows last year... TripAdvisor reached out, helped me become a business and then signed me as a supplier. So I’ve been stepping my game up and recently produced a sold out show called @StudsofComedy.

I don’t know if these circumstances are unique or if it’s a common occurrence but I do know that life is balance. Let God do the balancing, you just do the work!

Blog Entry 3 (3/26/2019)

I was out all night performing. I barely had a voice this morning when I woke up at 3pm. Time is going by so fast while I’m here in NYC that I can barely keep up but I’m happy because this is all in pursuit of my dreams. I’m learning a lot while I’m here and making excellent improvements to my comedy set with every performance. I’ve met with my NYC comedy mentor and everything has been fine tuned. All I have to do is keep up the good work and don’t drop the ball.

It’s easy to ride the wave of an engaged audience and hard to keep that same energy at open mics when they make you work for it. But I’ve learned from the best to perform with dedication, no matter how many people are in the audience. I’m not going to feel my best every night but there is thing called “acting” for a reason. When I feel down or under the weather, I pretend that I’m in a play and perform with the conviction of a Broadway actor. One way or another, my audience is going to be entertained. That’s my job.

My physical health is less than acceptable. I know I need to make it a priority. I can’t keep giving into the cravings induced by the medications because at the end of the day, they call it “will power” for a reason. I’m working towards the betterment of my overall health and I plan to bring you along for the ride as soon as I return to Boston.

Check out my weight journey video here.