LADY VAIN is originally from Rossville, Tennessee and moved to Boston in 1986. She started her comedy career in 1994 by a spiritual inspiration. Her parents always thought she talked a lot and said anything that she would be successful at would surely involve talking! Her comedy topics are mainly based on her life experiences and her points of view on what's happening in the news and the world around her. Vain has opened for comedians from Comic View, Def Comedy Jam, Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment, and Comedy Central, and has toured nationally. Vain has performed at some of the renowned comedy clubs and festivals such as the Comedy Studio, ImprovBoston, Nick's Comedy Stop, The Women In Comedy Festival, Black Comedy Explosion and Gotham Comedy Club. She has also toured with Laugh Out Loud around New England and other states.
Vain has a unique approach to writing for comedy or any other genre and has been coined as energetic and suspenseful. There is never a dull moment because the audience is always hanging on the edge of their seats with anticipation for the next scene or punchline. No obvious scenario is a given when Vain writes because people are usually caught off guard by the following sequence or turn of events. The same style applies to her stand-up comedy performances.

As a former entertainment manager, Vain has an eye for talent and the ability to bring the best out of gifted people. Vain discovered Reece Cotton in 2015, when Cotton started doing stand-up comedy. Under Vain's guidance, Cotton made her television debut with Kevin Hart on Comedy Central in 2017. Lady Vain is the co-executive producer of the new hit tour and comedy show called Studs of Comedy.


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